Fedora 13 – Get the power of KDE

I installed Fedora 13 and for quite some time i tried figuring out how to install KDE for my Fedora 13. Now , so far i have become a huge fan of
Fedora 13.  It is working as a charm on my old desktop. So after sometime i came out with the solution. I still need to try this on my system and will update this page accordingly.

Well , first you need to check for KDE package in your system. Now just remember that KDE package has to be installed in group, hence it is not your old “yum install KDE ” magic that will work in this case.  You first need to list the groups just in case you are curious.  Issue the following command:

yum grouplist

Now the name of the group would be “KDE Software Compilation”. So all we need to do is install the group using the groupinstall command.

yum groupinstall “KDE Software Compilation”

Thats it folks !!! .. Just a word of reminder , before you try out any of these please ensure that your system is fully up to date by running System > Administration > Software Updater.  This might install an updated Kernel in which case proceed by rebooting your system with the new Kernel


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