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From Trish Owen

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From: Trish Owen
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 7:01 PM
To: Mukherjee, Shaon

Hi Shaon

I have looked at your blog and see that you are truly dedicated to your work. My problem is now resolved although the day after I spoke to you I had a fright as my BBC iPlayer would not load and I thought the problem was linked to the previous problem. My partner tried many things including creating a teat account but then we found that it was a problem with BBC iPlayer which needed some updated loading!! Whew I was very relieved and now all is working well.

Thank you so much for your help and I hope you get the promotion you mentioned on your blog. You are a very talented IT technician .

All the best to you


From MrNeeds on Unidentified Network on Windows Vista

very good m8, very informative and useful.

From Rituraj on Office 2007 Installation: MUISet.msi #

Good Job


2 thoughts on “Comments and Feedback received

  1. Not sure if I am leaving this comment in the right place, so if I am not let me know tell me where to go(be nice). Thank you for your email telling me how to fix the red x icon/network2/wireless thingy. But I knew I could do a system restore but i have webroot security and it just totally fries my system to the extent I have to sit for two hours with them to re apply and fix (even though I have the disk). So tell me is there any other way to fix this besides system restore. Also ummm what really has occured on my system with the updates. Is this something that is occuring with Vista? I mean this is just dumb, but it bugs me.

    Thanks alot

    • Hi Laurie,

      First of all let me assure you that you have put the comment at the right place. However it would be better if you can add me in your facebook list since i spend most of my time on facebook. You can search me with my email address:

      Now, I do not not know whether you have tried System Restore in the past , however technically System Restore does not affect the application / user files. It works with the core files that are a part of Windows. So technically Webroot should not cause any issue after you run a System Restore. Once again , as i said if you had issue with System Restore and Webroot in the past avoid System Restore. What you can do is possibly try this :

      Step1: Use the previous steps from my last reply to log into Safe Mode.

      Step2: Goto Control Panel > Add Remove Programs List.

      Step3: Check for the updates that have been installed on your system (sort by dates)

      Step4: Identify the updates that were installed the day you said.

      Step5: Remove the updates and restart your system.

      Step 6: Perform a malware scan on your system with the malware bytes application. I understand you have Webroot , however at times some infected files , malwares get unnoticed by Webroot or other traditional security applications. You can find a free copy of MalwareBytes from

      Step7: Try running automatic updates once again on your system.

      And now getting back to your question as why the updates might have caused this issue. See, there could be several reasons. We first need to understand what we have installed in form of updates. That can only be possible if you undertake Step 1 – 4.
      The updates some times are released by Microsoft as generic updates which means that they can be installed on different platforms / systems worldwide , however at times certain 3rd party softwares ( read Webroot for example) that are tied up with your system closely ( example : security softwares that monitor your internet explorer , Windows Networking processes) can get corrupt after installing those updates because they do not know what to do when they find a new system to deal with. Consider an example: You hire a guy to wash your car every morning. Now on sunday night you buy a new Ferrari and monday morning the carwash guy is all lost when he comes to yoru garage to see a big shiny new Ferrari awaiting to get cleaned !!!. Simple , you have not informed the guy about your purchase. I hope that makes things clear.

      Jesus bless you

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