My Updates

This page keeps on updating almost every day. The topics are all related to recent issue discovery and may or may not provide a resolution.  I might occassionaly go ahead and post such issues on the site under posts.

Mcafee does not install as Java Script is not working:

This has bugged me a lot on calls. Initially it all starts with a Trojan issue but even when you remove most of the bad elements from the system you still can not get IE to run java script . Mcafee Installer uses the IE shell and hence Java Script does not work for it as well and the installation stops.

Checked several websites and found the possible ways to resole this .  I shall also post the Live report and tell you as what happened when i bumped onto one such system. Right now , let’s take a look at the possible resolution that was offered on the web.


1. start>all programs>accessories>right click on command prompt and choose run as administrator
2. type regsvr32 jscript.dll and press enter
3. type regsvr32 vbscript.dll and press enter

Live Report :
Worked like charm. Will post this soon.


Happens mostly if you have Viruses on the system that changes the update module for Mcafee . The best thing would be to back up your stuff and reinstall the OS. No luck so far to resolve the issue.


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