I can feel the heat

Until today i never sensed as what is the recession wave is all about.  The top management has decided to raise the sales taregt for the team and that has put a thorny bushy plant under our buttocks. I still can nto figure out as how the revenue targets woudl be met if you are :

1.)  Not provising healthy goals
2.) Forcing techs to become salesmen
3.) Making skilled techs to lose will
4.) Pressing hard against the wall without proper infrastructure , backend support , support from Engineers on site, escalation etc

Earlier we used to pitch once for the support charges , but today we sound more like a typical “Baniya” ( pot bellied shopkeeper) sitting on footpaths looking to fool people with obsolete stuff. We are now pressing customers to pay us. Just go through this typical conversation :

Tech: ” OK , Sir the support charge for the same would be 57 pounds, is it ok with you ? ”
Customer: ” No , thats too high”
Tech: ” OK , OK , lemme take a look and speak to my manager”
[tech puts guy on hold , does nothing , comes back after 2 minutes]
Tech: “Sir, you there?”
Customer: Ahem [mumbles something]
Tech: ” Sir , Great news , we can support you at just 38 pounds”
Customer: “NO!! , thats too high as well”
Tech:  “OK, OK relax , lemme discuss the case one more time with my team manager”
[Now the game begins, your helpful mentor come in picture and grabs the microphone]
Mentor: ” Hello Sir , this is XYZ , i am the floor supervisor , i understand your concern , what we would do is make it on 19 pounds”
Customer: [with a half hearted approach] “Erm… can’t you make it on 10 !!!!!” …………………………….

I guess my days are getting numbered over here… Things are not looking good , I know its my problem , i am over sensitive , I don’t know as how other folks keep the cool with the changing times … however it is a matter of fact that i am getting gratefully  pissed off with the entire hoopla….


Feedback is on the rocks !!!

Welcome to another day in a Call Center. Welcome to another moment of realization of being in a customer facing role. Welcome to feedback.. Well i did not like the way the show started. First call landing up to my extension , the line was horrible. I was guessing as what the guy on the other end was looking for….. All i could hear is that “I want the discs”.  On any given day a call like that gets bounced from my extension to hardware or sales. But today , it was not my day. The call was getting monitored and being monitored by our Customer Experience Coach ( A grim faced guy truly believing on the theory that customer is God , Ooops , more than God).  The call ended in a bad note , customer was not willing to pay for the discs or for the service and I anticipating a feedback goofed up with the case logs. The result was not very sweet.  Received a feedback followed by an email stating that it was an utter disappointment and  was on the rocks!!!.

Unbelievable , how come they pick up calls where everything go wrong and there is nothing much you can do.  Why the heck you do not get calls picked up where its a smooth business , a rather roller coaster ride ???…. Funny .. BUt , as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining … i think i needed this kick to get charged up… Went outside after the feedback was over , smoked a fag , thought , analysed and came back as a new man on the floor…waiting for the next call on the line ….. and i am gona give the best Shot ….. whatever happens , i am not going down again ……

Tea Time !!!


A very unique moment . Our site director paid a surprise visit,  increased the morale of the comrades  with a healthy cup of tea ( called “Cutting Chaai” in Hindi ).  The above picture shows me ( in my good old jacket ) shaking hands with the director who is about to offer me the energy drink .

Dip Down …. Hoping to rise again


Two days have gone by and i have been left alone without a single sale. Calls are not pouring in and the minimal calls that come up to my extension either start whining about free support or transfer. Just today i was called by my manager who discussed about my performance in the last quarter and showed the stacks for t6he last 2 months. I had dipped from No2 to No 4 position in the December stack. The worst part is that i had to raise a refund this week for an issue that apparently seemed to a hardware fault. The only ray of hope is the Customer Experience STAR OF THE MONTH (You can see the pic above).  The other positive side would be that i should be eligible to apply for the next leap , i.e: Advanced Resolution Expert for the next IJP and have been rated as  a valued performer in my new role as a software resolution expert. Let’s hope for the best….