Dell Support Center – Can Not Activate


Well , i tried this .. it worked. All you have to do is to disable UAC and then set up a rule on your firewall program for the DSC software for inbound and outbound traffic. Open DSC and it will activate. Reboot your system adn turn on UAC.


AVG 8.0 Free – Removing the AVG notification popup

Shut down AVG from the system tray icon and then navigate to the following location:  C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8 , find the following files avgmwdef_us.mht , avgresf.dll and delete or rename  them. This will stop the nagging popup to appear on your screen.  Enjoy your free AVG 8.0.

Windows Defender Service could not be started

After updating your standard Antivirus package (eg: MCafee , Norton ) your Vista system might come up with an error on startup informing you that the Windows Defender Service could not be started.

Please follow the steps laid down below to resolve the issue in one go:

Step1 : Navigate to Network Connections and get into the properties of your preferred Network Connection and
take off the tick next to Client for Microsoft Networks.

Step2 : Open the Services Window and get into the Windows Defender Service , edit the startup type as Automatic and start the service.

Step3 : Reboot the system. At this point Windows Defender will come up with an yellow exclamation on the system tray. Don’t worry , just open the Security Center from Control Panel and Update Windows Defender, It will take some time to download and install the updates. Reboot your system.

Please put a comment on this article for any queries etc.

Issue with Acronis Backup

The following article covers the Acronis Data Backup 2009 running on Windows Vista. We would be pointing out 2 error messages that an user might have encountered while creating a recovery disc and the workaround.


The best way to resolve this issue would be to run the Acronis  Set Up disc and run a repair .  See the screen shot below  the following repair operation will resolve  issues with Media Builder.


The next issue deals about getting the Device is Busy error ( See screenshot below). The best workaround i think is saving an ISO image rather than burning the disc . Once you save the ISO image you can use any popular software like Express Burn to burn the ISO image on the CD.


NOTE: We still have not tried the final step. Will update on Monday 09.03.09.

Office 2007 Installation: MUISet.msi

While installing Office 2007 you get the following error : “setup can not find office.en-us\OfficeMUISet.msi” .  In this case please check that the Office 2007 DVD has got multiple user license by calling up your system vendor ( if the disc is an OEM version) or calling up Microsoft ( if it’s a retail version). The issue occurs when Office Setup fails to detect the   MUISet.msi package required to install Office 2007 on multiple computers.

C++ Runtime Error Corel Word Perfect

I do not know how many people uses Corel word Perfect , but our good old customer did use it and today got an error message up on his system which looked something similar


Steps to resolve the issue :

Install the latest Service Pack . Get it from here

Rename the following registry entries :

  1. Reset your WordPerfect settings.:
    • For Windows Vista only: Go to Start, and All Programs, and then Accessories. Click on Run, and then type regedit in the Open Box and click OK.)
    • For all other versions of Windows: Go to Start and up to Run. Type regedit in the Open box and click on OK.
  2. Click on the + next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  3. Click on the + next to Software.
  4. Right click on the Corel folder and left click on rename. Call the folder CorelOld.
  5. Click on the – next to Software
  6. Click on the – next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  7. Close the registry editor.
  8. Reset your WordPerfect configuration files:
    • For Windows 2000 or XP:
      1. Click Start, Run
      2. In Open, Type “%APPDATA%” and click Ok  This will open a folder called “Application Data”
      3. Within Application Data, right click on Corel and left click the option rename. Call the folder CorelOld
    • For Windows Vista:
      1. Go to Start, and All Programs, and then Accessories. Click on Run.
      2. In Open, Type “%APPDATA%” and click Ok  This will open a folder called “Application Data”
      3. Within Roaming, right click on Corel and left click the option rename. Call the folder CorelOld

NOTE:  If you are not able to rename the files , you can check your account settings , make sure that you have logged in as an administrator and that you have permission to rename the files.  If nothing works , try rebooting in Safe mode and that should work.