ADSL Modem Set Up Guide

I have found it a big time problem in setting up PPPoE conenctions for  modems on DSL / ADSL platform. Sometimes , the connection does not work even when the USB drivers for the modem or Ethernet drivers for the LAN Card are installed properly. At times there were  error in configuring a PPPoe connection. So , lets take a look as how to set up the various USB modems / Ethernet connection for some popular ISps . I  shall update the page bit by bit as i keep on collating the data. In case if you want to get resolution for your prefered ISP/Modem drop a post and i shall get back.


ISP: Tiscali
Modem Type: Speed Stream
Connection Type : Ethernet

How to : Goto the default gateway page of the modem goto “Status and Statistics” -> System Sumary -> Point to Point Connection Summary ,  click on the “Connect” button. Once connected the Connect option will change to Disconnect.



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