About Me and Disclaimer

Who am I ?

I am a software graduate working with DELL PRESTO as a technical support executive. My hobbies being Internet Surfing , Music and Internet Surfing , Music and …. ( The cycle goes on ).  I could be reached at : mukherjees123@gmail.com.

Who is grdead ?

grdead is an adaptation from the famous Blues band Grateful Dead. Its my adaptation and the credit goes to me.  I am in no way related to the actual band or any of it’s members.  The name grdead is a small tribute for the legendary singer/ songwriter/composer/band leader Jerry Jerome Garcia.

Jerome John “Jerry” Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

What is this all about ?

By now you must have understood that this site is purely dedicated to Windows Vista , XP and Windows Based Softwares. Howver ,  this site would also provide info about computer hardware reviews and lot more in due course of time. I have undertaken this project primarily to document my cases i undertake as a software troubleshooter working with Dell Presto.


I have assimilated the information from various forums and posts ( Microsoft Technet etc) , from my fellow software troubleshooters and from my own experience with cases that i have dealt with . Each system is different , therefore the steps mentioned in any of the posts / pages can go against your system. I take no responsibility for such causes , so PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR SYSTEM IF YOU ARE NOT SURE AS WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP TO RESOLVE SOFTWARE ISSUES.


6 thoughts on “About Me and Disclaimer

  1. Wow:
    Maybe somebody with a brain(all I want is a brain). Anyway dont ask me how I found this site(going from one site to another looking for a answer to my question). I downloaded updates this past weekend. When i restarted computer the computer icon on bar had a big red x indicating not connected to the net. Checked I was the other odd thing was after looking around my system I now am on network two and it says I am wireless. Thing is I have no network(one computer) and I am not wireless. The screen keeps coming up saying “IE incountered a problem and must close”..the screen closes but nothing disconnects me. I have vista home addition and still windows 6. How about it guys any suggestion?

    • First of all Welcome to my site.

      Now i read your post , there are 2 ways to fix this issue . An easy way and a “not-so-easy” way. We will talk about the easy way here. First let me summarize your issue here . So , you have Windows Vista ( You said Windows 6 which i think you are trying to refer to Windows Vista) and you installed some updates after which your internet is playing up.

      Easy Way: Shut Down the system (Shutdown not restart or log off). Wait for 20 seconds , power on the system and keep on pressing the F8 key on the keyboard till you reach a menu called “Windows Advanced Boot Menu”. Select the option “Safe Mode” using the “down arrow” key on your keyboard and press “Enter” key on your keyboard. It will take some time and finally it will ask you to log in. Now , the icons and start menu will look bigger and there will be no wallpaper on your desktop. Don’t worry , that is how it works.

      Now , Click on Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

      Wait for some time. It will take couple of minutes to pull up that window called System Restore. Now , once you see System Restore window you will see options to restore your system to an earlier time , select the date when the system was working fine and the updates weren’t installed and restore your system. The system will automatically restart after sometime.

      I guess this will fix the issue. Please feel free to lemme know what happened.

      Keep smiling ,

  2. I am having a little problem with facebook so plz bear with me. When the problem occured I thought about removing all the updates. I went to the security center clicked on the first two..and couldnt remove them didnt go any futher. There where 15 “quote” security updates on the 11th. I went back and was able to remove 13. They where all about microsoft office/powerpoint etc. The two i couldnt remove where microsoft office 2007 service pk 2 and update K8967642. I rebooted and wow fixed. Now question what do I do about these updates? Do I need them? And in the future how do I decide if I should download them? I think this is just nuts. And ty for explaining to me what happened in a form (love the car thingy) I could understand. I understand what you mean about system restore shouldnt affect webroot but it did. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them and they said..well when it went back and it didnt work …you took it off and tried to reply …maybe a piece of it was left somewhere and corrupted the whole mess. Had to do the safe mode thingy and recieve the files from them(couldnt use my disk(I think that is just nuts). Am going to use the little “cleaner” you sent the linc for and see what happens. Again ty for you respone…

  3. Oh…
    The icon is fine but I still show as connected to network 2(wireless) which I am not. So I guess it has to do with the two updates I couldnt get removed. So now the 13 updates are waiting to be installed. I have it set to notify me before downloading or installing. All these updates talk about bad code be used …yada yada yada. Suggestions? I am at a total loss about what to do about the updates now. If you suggest to ignore them ummm remind me how to hide them. Maybe this is as good as its going to get…lol
    Again ty for your time

    • Well , it took me some time to check your message. These days i am preparing to switch over from windows to Linux and Wireless Hacking … so working on it …

      Allright, you can disconnect from wireless connection2. Then goto device manager and find the wireless adapters under network adapter and remove them , remove any wireless configuration software from add/remove programs. restart your system. If you are using XP , you will need to reinstall the wireless drivers from the appropriate drivers disc . If u r on vista/7 hopefully the drivers will get installed automatically. Reconnect to your wireless connection….

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