Poodle Bites !!! SSL 3.0 vulnerability

Hello Friends , there is a bug identified by the name of Poodle. Simpy speaking this Bug or vulnerability can be used by a hacker to steal data that gets security encrypted between a browser (Internet explorer) and a web server that are communicating with each other over a protocol called SSL 3.0. SSL 3.0 is very old nearly 15 years old technology and most web servers and web browsers these days do not use SSL 3.0 which is a good news. However , to ensure that you do not fall a victim of this bug here are 2 security tips that you can use.

1) To check if your browser is secure and not affected: Simply goto a website called www.poodletest.comwhich will check and let you know whether your browser is vulnerable or not. Modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox are not affected by this but you can always check. If you are using Internet explorer make sure it is the latest version.

2) To check if your favorite website is vulnerable : Simply goto a website called www.poodlescan.com , type the name of the website and hit the scan button (screenshot attached). I tried facebook.com and it tells me that it is not vulnerable (which is a good news).













You can share this post with your friends and co workers and let me know if you require any further clarification or information on this. Cheers and have a good night


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