Free Movie Remote Control with VLC and Blackberry







Whatz up everyone !!!

Today  i am gonna talk a little bit about how to make a free remote control to watch movies on your laptop / PC using VLC media player and a Blackberry smartphone.

Before we cook it up here is a checklist of the stuff we need:

1) VLC media player (download it from

2) Blackberry Smartphone ( I have tested this on my new Curve 9300 running OS7)

Step 1: Download the VLC program on your laptop / PC if you do not have that already. Try to find the latest version if you can.

Step 2: Open VLC and Goto Tools>Preferences.

Step 3: On the Preferences window select “ALL” under Show Settings. You will find this option left bottom of the window.

Step 4: On the left browse Interface > Main Interface. On your right check the option that says  “Web”.  I have heard on some VLC versions it might say HTTP. It’s all the same by the way :). Save the changes and close VLC.

Step 5: Now check if this has worked. Open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and goto the following site:
localhost:8080. You will be routed to the VLC web interface. Now this means we are all set to kill the tiger !!!. If you can not see the page please leave your comments to this post and I will get back to you.

Step 6: Now, open VLC . You will get a prompt from Windows Firewall to allow VLC access the private network. Now this is a little tricky part so let me quickly make you understand what are we talking about. Advanced users can skip this bit and move on.

Mini Tutorial on Private and Public Network

For you your Home network is your private network and the outside big badass internet is the public network. Your Home network is controlled by a master controller called a “Router”. This device sits quietly in one corner of your house and manages all that you connect to it in order to access the internet. You may have connected a desktop or a wireless laptop or a wireless smartphone it  simply does not matter. This smart device will manage everything and also protect you at the same time from the badass internet ( public network) so that no one can intrude into your private network. I hope i was able to make you understand in the simplest form 🙂 … sometimes this makes me feel i should have pursued a career in teaching …..

Step 7: Now, on your computer goto Start button and hit run (Windows 7 users can use the search box) and type cmd and press Enter. In the command prompt type ipconfig

Note down your ip address in a piece of paper and keep it with you. This is what we will need later.

We also need to find the IP address of our Blackberry smartphone. How to do that ? Well , i will tell you how.

From the Main Menu of Blackberry > Click on Options > Device > Device and Status Information > Under Wifi Information you shall find the IP address. Note that down as well.

Step 8: So far as you understand you can control the VLC player via your web browser ( IE or Chrome) but where is the fun ???? We are still not able to control it remotely. Well , we will be in a minute. Navigate to:

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\http

(Windows 7 64 but version users can goto the following location)

C:\Program Files(x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\http

Now open the file hosts using Notepad. It will look like a simple text file to you. Go down to where it says “# private addresses”. Now, type the IP address of your Blackberry device in this location. It will look something like below :

# private addresses

The happens to be the ip address for my blackberry device. Once again , if you are lost mention in the comments and i will get back to you.

Now, make sure you have VLC opened on your system. Move away from your laptop/PC , relax in a couch and take out the blackberry from your pocket. OH yea … we are now ready for the kill. Open the internet browser on your blackberry and type the following address in the address bar.

(your laptop/ PC ip address):8080

Example in my case i will type :

Thats it… you will see the VLC page opening up will all the controls. Have fun !!!


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