Downloads – It’s all about Speed – Part 2

We will pick up from where we had left … Bitlord. Bitlord , put it simple is a software that helps you to download your favorite movies , music , ebooks and many more. Before I tell you how to use Bitlord in a step wise manner let me just fire that word of caution. I am not encouraging / promoting you to download copyrighted contents , share and store the same. Remember , nothing on the internet is safe. You might end up infecting your system downloading contents from such sources. Always be a little careful and abort as soon as you find something is not going the way it should go. Ok, sermon over. Let us check out what is it and how to use it.

Step 1: Visit and download Bitlord 2.1.1 (latest copy till date).

Step 2: Install the software , please be careful not to check or install any sidekicks (search engine , free goodies etc). They have to do this since they give you the software for free. You have to be careful and filter out the trash.

Step 3: When you first run Bitlord , your firewall may prompt you to allow traffic for Bitlord on the respective security ports. Allow that to happen. If you do not , Bitlord will not be able to do what it is meant to do.

Step 4: The next thing is to find the torrents. If you have skipped Part 1 of this edition , please go back and read it before you continue. The safest place to download good quality torrents is This site helps you filter verified torrents , torrents with good number of seeds etc. If you are wondering what are seeds , do not. Let me explain real quick. Seed as the name suggests are people who have the file and who are ready to share with you. More seeds means less time it will take to download the content on your system and vice versa. Leech on the other hand are mean people (like me!) who simply grab the copy and do not like to share in return. I declare myself to be a leech and I have my reasons.

Step 5: Once you select the torrent it will ask you to download the torrent from any of the websites. My advice is to
download from (see picture below). It is quick and to the point stuff. Once you the there just hit the Torrent link and save the file on your system. Open the file with Bitlord. Done !!


That’s it for now. Next week I shall tell you about the reason I have opted out from downloading torrents. Will share my new find on downloads and a secret….. Stay Tuned !! (to be continued….)





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