Downloads – It’s all about Speed – Part 1

Dear Readers,

It has been a long time since my last post. As always I was busy switching jobs , switching houses and more. Anyways, let’s get back to the point. Today I am gonna unleash the greedy pirate inside you. The mean pirate who likes to acquire every damned music , video , pdf on this planet and put in safe inside his golden casket (read USB Hard Drive). I had been downloading stuff for over many years now. Back in the good old days (i am talking about 5-6 years back) I was happy with torrents and my torrent manager software. I used to get all the good stuff right onto my system and it was simply amazing. On a co worker’s recommendation I installed Bitlord (still using it) and downloading my favorite content was like taking a candy from a baby.









Then surprisingly 2 years back , I identified that seeders were disappearing. Let me explain what i mean by seeders and Torrents. Imagine I have a book (Old Man and The Sea ~ Hemingway … only book i remember reading as a kid). Now i start tearing pages from the book and then distribute each page to every single soul on this planet. Now Imagine yourself , looking for the book and I tell you to collect the pages from each person and combine to get your own copy. Torrents work in similar way. You need to download a single file (torrent file) that contains a list of addresses for the all the people who have the content in bits and pieces or in full. The size of the file is in KBs.. very tiny since it is a simple text file containing instruction as from where you can get your stuff. Reading the file and fetching the chunks of media is done by your torrent software. There are many free software on the internet. But I recommend using Bitlord…. (to be continued)..


One thought on “Downloads – It’s all about Speed – Part 1

  1. My 55th post !!! , so many memories … back in the wild wild days i started this blog . Used to work with IBM then …Thanks to all my avid readers and supporters .. most of all thanks to my wife for always standing by my side and believing in my insanity!!

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