Wanted – Most Pathetic Movie I’ve ever seen in my life



I have seen pathetic movies in the past. Movies I have seen that made no sense whatsoever and of course I am talking about free flowing commercial movies and not the art house ones. I had the pleasure to watch this action flick called Wanted starring big names like Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman and believe me it is a sheer waste of money , talent and technology. First of all there is no story to be precise. The first part is hitch hiked quite shamelessly from the movie “The Matrix” in which a typical ‘i-don know-i am-a-superhero’ shy corporate is being resurrected by a secret group headed by a spooky suspense creating gentleman. Just replace Neo, Trinity and Morpheus with the guys from this movie and you will come to know what i am talking about. A movie with no plot , crappy dialogues and surprisingly Morgan Freeman. I do not know why the heck Mr Freeman had to take up this project. I guess it might be a gesture to an old friend or perhaps a dire need to pay an urgent installment for a card or a loan. I never liked Angelina Jolie and this seemed to be a classical example as why she is a typical video game character being brought into life. She likes to get away with a Lara Croft look and feel in every movie she does I recon. Come on Angelina , I would suggest , start taking up new projects and please go back to the acting classes. Every else in the movie is mediocre , nothing to talk about. The only thing that you will like is the action sequences and they way they were filmed. Reminds me of “Hard Target” plus “Matrix” plus “Max Payne” plus some “Fight Club”. Overall i give it a rating of 2 out of 5 and that too for the action sequences. It is a movie that you would like to forget as quick as you can.


One thought on “Wanted – Most Pathetic Movie I’ve ever seen in my life

  1. Yeah Shawn, I agree with you. I saw WANTED & got a severe headache by the time half the movie was finished. Mindless action, completely missing plot & Ms.Jolie’s terrible acting skills make it a pathetic movie to watch. I would give it 1 out of 5.

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