Windows Updates not working


Folks ,

Today we shall talk a little bit about Windows Updates. We get stuck often with Updates not working fine , failed and sometimes not working at all. We get those cryptic OX errors as well at times. There are 2 easy ways to fix most of the Windows update issues without the OS Disc. How ? Well that is why i have put this post. One thing for sure that Windows Updates start to fail after you start using your system and do various other stuff on and off the internet that inserts error / invalid entries in your Windows Registry. What we do is basically if disable the Windows Update Service , Rename the folder that contains the Windows Update info and finally re run the updates that gives everything a brand new start.

Step 1: Goto Services (Start -> Run -> services.msc) or just type services in the Start -> Search bar. Once in services , stop the service that says Windows Update.

Step2 : Navigate C:\Windows  , rename the folder that says “Software Distribution” to something like “Software Distribution.old”

Step 3: Goto Services again and start the Windows Update service

Step 4: This is my personal choice. Other techs might think this to be waste of time but i still prefer the old Windows XP way. I reboot my system

Step 5: Start the Windows Update process.

All these steps have been summarized and automated in a Fix It tool from Microsoft.  Download and run this tool. I have not tested this tool yet so can not claim that it works 100%.

and then run


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