Microsoft Office Starter Error : The Fix Is Here

Microsoft Office Starter Error : The Fix Is Here

Microsoft office starter is not working. Upon opening Microsoft Office Word Starter or Excel Starter the following popup gets displayed (See Figure Below)

This is a basic file corruption because of which the application launcher crashes and hence none of the products (i.e: Word or Excel ) seem to work.

The workaround for this is simple . Just open Add Remove Programs and repair the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 . There might be 3 entries , so always select the one that says β€œMicrosoft Office Starter 2010”. ( See Screen Shot Below)

Upon clicking on Change you will get the Click to Run Application manager Window (See Screenshot below) . Leave the checkbox unchecked and just hit Yes.

Next time you open Office Word or Excel , the program would be downloaded once again and would get updated and fixed automatically.


43 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Starter Error : The Fix Is Here

  1. Thank you SOOO very much!!!! I’ve been trying to fix this for a few days. I have a paper due and was stressing out. After restoring my computer,reinstalling the program and viewing numerous online postings, I finally came accross your web page. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Great Help, As a Small business owner I Appreciate your time and effort to put this together.
    I saved time and pain with these instructions,I hope you will gain lots by giving lots…..
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you sooo much. this has been driving me mad!! Your explanation of what to do is really good and made the problem really easy to fix thanks

  4. Thank you! I got the error message today and went to a few URLs before I found your link. I would have been pretty upset had I not found this.

    I have no need to anything but a basic word processor and spreadsheet that is Office compatible and I would have been unhappy if the netbook I bought with this with no longer worked.

  5. To say thank you is just not enough. I had just finished our Church directory draft on Saturday and today when I went to open the file, Office was corrupted! I had to go back to my Office 2003 on my old laptop when I couldn’t figure out how to repair it, which was the instruction in the error window. Thank you so much for being so clear that I was able to restore the corrupted file with no problems at all!


  6. Thank you very much! Not only was this the correct fix, you provided easy to follow pictures and guidelines. You made it so easy! I’ll definitely check your site first for solutions in the future. I searched around and this was the only fix that worked, and was soooo clear!
    Thanks again.

  7. This would not work on my machine. A message came back that a valid Internet connection was needed. However I had a good Internet connection (tried both wireless and wired). No good. Repair was never made because of it. Any comments on that?

  8. I tries a few times. Each time I was unsuccessful and was prompted to contact microsoft product support. This went nowhere! I downloaded Open Office and love it. It was free and gave me much more than the Starter, but I would like my Starter to work.Any other possibilities?

  9. This fix isn’t working for me. The Click-To-Run Application Manager says its making the repairs, but nothing happens. It just sits there. (I waited over an hour before stopping it through Task Manager and rebooting the PC.) Any suggestions?

  10. This is EXACTLY my problem.. But when I right click on “Microsoft Office 2010” I don’t have the option of ‘Change’ I can only see “Uninstall”
    Would you possibly know what I can do to still fix my problem.

  11. Got a response that said it cannot be repaired due to no internet connection. Currently connected to internet…any ideas what to do now? 😦

  12. I did that 4 times but still I got the same msg. & can’t open microsoft word starter 2010.
    Hope you can send me another solution.

  13. It keeps saying “reparing microsoft office starter 2010 – english was unsuccessful because an internet connection is required. Ensure your computer can have access bla bla blah!! All day spent trying to repair this dang thing… no success.. I HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! IM CONNECTED!!! I CAN NOT DO MY SCHOOL WORK WITHOUT THIS…..

  14. of course, Im the only one here who it DOESNT seem to be helping. I went into control panel, followed instructions to the letter, then went to open the program again and got the same message… Microsoft Office Starter cannot open, Do you want instructions to repair….. I click yes and nothing happens. Figures, thats just my luck.

  15. just a little note: downloading of required files will take long (4-5minutes) but wait, afterwhich validating will be seen on screen then wait again then the file would be opened

  16. Didnt see this b4 uninstalling. Now stuck with click to run and cant get rid of it. All I had was 2010 starter, automatically installed.

  17. I have the same problem as others. It tells me there is no internet connection, but I’m online. The first instance I saw mentioned of this was by Jim on January 21, 2012 at 5:02 pm . Are we simply out of luck?

    I do appreciate the very good instructions and screenshots, but it didn’t work for me.

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