Entering into world of Linux

The best part about growing old is that you keep on learning new things. Right now , i have got my hands on what is being called the “Window Slayer” .. yes , it is none other than LINUX. I am into RED HAT LINUX SERVER EDITION and i am loving it . However , since i am too new to this i tried to find out handy stuff confined to my work-sphere .. I FAILED .. miserably. Since LINUX is open source , more and more distribution are being created and hence it gives you quite a heck to find what you are looking for. I tried to search for free video tuts , articles and stuff ( free of course) , I failed once again. Searched all over youtube , did not get what i was exactly looking for.

I have henceforth decided to convert GRDEAD into a RED HAT LINUX oriented platform where my fellow men will not face issues but can get a one stop point for learning red Hat LINUX server edition. To kick start i will discuss about the challenge i had to face while i tried installing Internet on my system loaded with RED HAT LINUX 5. That will be covered next.


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