Adobe Flash PLayer 10 – Installation Issues – Resolved !!!

Before you Read : Please make sure that the above fix has been tried on a Windows XP 32 Bit Operating System. Before you follow the steps please make sure that you read the disclaimer statement which can be found here.

Hey Guys , wanted to share this with you all. After a little research i have found the way to successfully install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (ver.10) for your Browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer). Be the first to read this article and leave your comments behind. Please let me know if the above workaround did not work for you.

The Story:

( i am quite good at writing stories). Here it comes. Adobe Flash Player uses a download manager to install the plugin on your browser. I have tried this number of times. Everytime it : a) takes long b)restarts my firefox browser c)additional download manager payload which i do not want d)Finally the worst part is that once you visit websites where you find flash content with flash 10 version it says ” You do not have latest version of flash player”.

The fix :

1.) Open Control Panel -> Add remove programs -> Uninstall the flash active x plugin . If you do not see that jump to Step 2.  If you have done that still jump to Step 2 😉

2.) Go here to download the Flash Player Standalone UNINSTALLER.  Download and Run the application.
NOTE: Please close all Firefox/Google Chrome/Internet Explorer browser windows prior performing this operation.

3.) Go here to download the latest Windows Security Patch for ADOBE FLASH PLAYER  SECURITY UPDATE.
NOTE: This has got nothing to do with the issue. This is just an update from the “Godfather” to ensure that you do not get a nasty trojan on your system through some flash animation/application.

4.) Go here to download the latest version of standalone flash player and run it. Once again do not leave any open firefox/IE/Chrome windows.

5.) Say Hallelujah !!!!.


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