I can feel the heat

Until today i never sensed as what is the recession wave is all about.  The top management has decided to raise the sales taregt for the team and that has put a thorny bushy plant under our buttocks. I still can nto figure out as how the revenue targets woudl be met if you are :

1.)  Not provising healthy goals
2.) Forcing techs to become salesmen
3.) Making skilled techs to lose will
4.) Pressing hard against the wall without proper infrastructure , backend support , support from Engineers on site, escalation etc

Earlier we used to pitch once for the support charges , but today we sound more like a typical “Baniya” ( pot bellied shopkeeper) sitting on footpaths looking to fool people with obsolete stuff. We are now pressing customers to pay us. Just go through this typical conversation :

Tech: ” OK , Sir the support charge for the same would be 57 pounds, is it ok with you ? ”
Customer: ” No , thats too high”
Tech: ” OK , OK , lemme take a look and speak to my manager”
[tech puts guy on hold , does nothing , comes back after 2 minutes]
Tech: “Sir, you there?”
Customer: Ahem [mumbles something]
Tech: ” Sir , Great news , we can support you at just 38 pounds”
Customer: “NO!! , thats too high as well”
Tech:  “OK, OK relax , lemme discuss the case one more time with my team manager”
[Now the game begins, your helpful mentor come in picture and grabs the microphone]
Mentor: ” Hello Sir , this is XYZ , i am the floor supervisor , i understand your concern , what we would do is make it on 19 pounds”
Customer: [with a half hearted approach] “Erm… can’t you make it on 10 !!!!!” …………………………….

I guess my days are getting numbered over here… Things are not looking good , I know its my problem , i am over sensitive , I don’t know as how other folks keep the cool with the changing times … however it is a matter of fact that i am getting gratefully  pissed off with the entire hoopla….


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