Feedback is on the rocks !!!

Welcome to another day in a Call Center. Welcome to another moment of realization of being in a customer facing role. Welcome to feedback.. Well i did not like the way the show started. First call landing up to my extension , the line was horrible. I was guessing as what the guy on the other end was looking for….. All i could hear is that “I want the discs”.  On any given day a call like that gets bounced from my extension to hardware or sales. But today , it was not my day. The call was getting monitored and being monitored by our Customer Experience Coach ( A grim faced guy truly believing on the theory that customer is God , Ooops , more than God).  The call ended in a bad note , customer was not willing to pay for the discs or for the service and I anticipating a feedback goofed up with the case logs. The result was not very sweet.  Received a feedback followed by an email stating that it was an utter disappointment and  was on the rocks!!!.

Unbelievable , how come they pick up calls where everything go wrong and there is nothing much you can do.  Why the heck you do not get calls picked up where its a smooth business , a rather roller coaster ride ???…. Funny .. BUt , as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining … i think i needed this kick to get charged up… Went outside after the feedback was over , smoked a fag , thought , analysed and came back as a new man on the floor…waiting for the next call on the line ….. and i am gona give the best Shot ….. whatever happens , i am not going down again ……


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