Conficker.B Worm – What the heck ??

“According to F-Secure, a well known security company, more than one million computers have been infected with the worm in the past 24 hours alone with over 9 million computers infected worldwide to date and that’s being conservative. We highly recommend that everyone patch their computers ASAP and be sure that you are running the latest anti-virus definitions for your anti-virus software that you run.”

Well , this was a nasty little B****.  The worst thing about this little nut is that it creates congestion on your network and that cuts down your download speed to half  and disables all security installers to run on the system. We even tried to follow the steps of our good old Microsoft and downloaded the Microsoft “Malicious Software Removal Tool” (  Well , it looks nice and zippy , installed find and ran the quick scan , found nothing!!!. Ran a complete scan and still no joy.  We booted system in safe mode with networking , ran COMBO FIX (You might not be able to run it in normal mode).  Now Malware Bytes / CC Cleaner will be able to take off the left over ( which would ideally be a trojan , thats the thumb rule )!!!


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