Stay back Mr. Zango

What is Zango ( a definition from Wikipedia)  :  Zango, formerly ePIPO, 180solutions and Hotbar, produces software that provides access to partners’ games and restricted videos and software. Zango software is listed as adware, spyware and malware by Symantec. MCafee states, “this program may have legitimate uses”, but describes it as a “potentially unwanted program”, and an “adware downloader”.

My experience:  Our poor customer’s internet explorer all of a sudden stopped working. She is on Windows XP and using Internet explorer 6.0. When ever she tries to open IE it comes up with the classical Microsoft Error ” This program has caused an illegal operation”. We tried taking her in Safe Mode and Internet Explorer was working fine. We came to know that she has Zango installed on her system. Took no chance and removed every single component of Zango. The number of infected objects were 48 !!!!!!!. Rebooted the system in normal mode and up goes Internet Explorer with good old MSN homepage.

So , should we or should we not : Trust me guys , i have been new to all these. As a kid i used to work with MSDOS in a dark “school computer lab” , struggling for my share with 3 other guys ( with those classical things like “please take off your shoes” , ” Do not yell, ” Do not carry eatables”  , “LARGE 5.5 floppy discs to boot up systems , ” Space Commander ” , Prince of Persia” , “Dave” being the coolest games. Hell yes !! i am talking about India in the early 90s  ).  Since Music is my passion and we all love free stuff by human nature ,  I have got Limewire , BitLord on my system and i am frequest visitor to PirateBay , still i will not install Zango because :

1.) Too many payloads , installs a hell lot of stuff in your system

2.) Keeps an eye as what you are checking on the net.

3.) Hacking the Browser with hotbars

4.) Messing up your system security settings.

So , Stay away MR.Zango. Stay away from our systems for good.


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