Microsoft Update recently released disables Touch Pad


Microsoft has released an optional update for Ideacom Technology – Input – HID Touch Screen after which touch pad gets disabled. This particular update is not seen in add/remove programs.


As a workaround please use on the following methods to correct the issue

Method 1

Perform a System restore before the update installation date

Method 2

Perform a Driver rollback

Method 3

1. Open “My Computer” and go to the following location C:\windows\system32\drivers.
2. Find a file named “idcphid.sys” and rename it to “idcphidMODIFIED”
3. Now uninstall the “IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)” driver under “Human Interface Devices” in “Device Manager” (Device Manager can be found under “Control Panel” > “Administrative Tools” > “Computer Management”)
4. Your computer will require a restart. After the restart completes your problem should be fixed.

Note: If you JUST uninstall the driver under “Human Interface Devices” it will find the driver after the first reboot and reinstall itself. A second reboot will show that your mouse is not working again. By renaming or deleting the “idcphid.sys” file it can’t reinstall itself apparently.


Issue has been escalated to MS technical team, a new update is to be released shortly. ETA Unknown at this point of time.


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