Windows Vista update error: 8000fff

Issue : You try to run a Windows Update , you get an error 8000fff . What to do .  Well , folks i have not tried this myself but guys at technet shared their piece of mind :

Option1 :

“Here is the answer to your problems. Go to your control panel under add and remove programs you will see a hot fix for  kb929777. Uninstall this hot fix. Windows will tell you to reboot, do it. Download the kb929777 for the windows website not the auto update site, (if you do it will install the hot fix first before the kb929777 and then kb929777 will not install again). After successful update you will need to reboot. check for updates( there should be none and your history should show successful update on the kb929777. I also took out 3 gb of mem. before I did this but before it would still not download until I removed the hot fix, so I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE MEM. FIRST. But try it with the mem. in first and it may save you a step.”

Option2 :

To resolve Windows Update error 8000FFFF, try the following steps:

1) Launch REGEDIT

2) Go into HKLM\COMPONENTS, and check if these three values exist under the COMPONENTS key:


3) Providing they do exist, back up the Components key, then delete the three above values.
4) Restart the computer, and Windows Update should now be working fine.


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