Works Vs Word

I have found that customers really find it difficult to differentiate between Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word. The word “Works” and “Word” sounds a bit familier and both can read and write documents and hence the confusion i guess ( Sorry this is my assumtion , i don know what else could be the reason ). The strange thinga about Works is that sometimes it fails to open a file from the browser .  Lemme tell you the story as what i  had gone through today . OK , so i was calling this customer back , the issue was a Communication Error on her Dell Printer , we tried everything , banged our head from pillars to post … no joy…. Then we took off MCafee from the system and later my friend Rituraj ( an ex- Microsoft Level 2 expert working with Convergys , a good guy and a good friend ) who called the customer back , ran a system restore which solved the problem. Now , I call this customer back to check if things are in place and Dear Lord !!!! , Surprise , Surprise … Customer reports that she is not able to oepn any word file from the internet but can save those first and then open later. Found that the default program on her system ( BTW she is using Vista ) to open word files is Microsoft Works . The error which came up while opening the file in MSWORKS did not say much , all it said that Works can not open the file from the following temporary internet folder location . I went ahead and as a good techniciacn reset IE to clear the temporary files etc , still no joy. Then i changed the association for .doc files with  MS Word … Voila !!! , Issue resolved. Word was able to open those files.

Now , don guess me wrong ,  I just came up with an incident.  If you are reading this after stumbling the internet to find a solution to a similar problem you might have experienced try the above step.


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